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Purtse stronghold

Purtse stronghold is fortified manor, built on XVI -th century. Restored in 1987-90. It is possible to visit the renovated castle, exhibitions and concerts are organised there.

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Purtse sacred grove

The mountain Hiiemägi in Purtse was a sacred place for ancient Estonians (Ests). At the beginning of the last century the hill that had been artificially made by our ancestors on the mountain was called “the hill of judges or ancestors“. Once there was a sacred grove which consisted of thirteen lindens planted in a circle, where the elders of communities gathered for advice. The place was so sacred that even Count Stakelberg took his hat off when passing by the sacred stone. There is also a sacred spring located on the western side of the mountain. The spring is called Uku; and at the beginning of the last century it was the place of making sacrifice and praying.

In 1991 a park was founded on Hiiemägi. The Park is dedicated to victims of violence; the Park gate was made in the memory of all the victims of violence including the victims of communist repressions. “But their great glory, powerful actions, inexpressible tortures let sound for us loud, shining in our memory”. (“Kalevipoeg”) The oaks in one part of the park were planted by representatives of the county, numerous representatives of the government, various organizations and ordinary citizens. In the centre of park the there is the Map of sufferings of Estonia, which shows numbers of people deported from various parts of Estonia. If you continue walking along the shore, you will see an old sacred linden and an ancient judgment hill. The whole hill is covered with trees that are a century old; and it probably served as a judgment place in old times.

Virtual tour (panoramic photo) top of the sacred hill
Virtuaaltuur (panoraamfoto) hiiemäel

Purtse stronghold and sacred grove
Purtse kindluselamu ja hiiemägi

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